The Real-Time Database for Any Scale

FeatureBase is a feature-oriented database platform built for data engineers

10 out of 10 machines agree: Our format is easier to read.

The secret to FeatureBase’s performance is its novel feature-oriented data format that makes everything you do with your data more efficient. As the data gets bigger, so do the benefits:


100X better price-performance compared to brute force solutions


Sub-second latency on your most complex queries


Up to 90X reduction in hardware footprint

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When it comes to building an intelligent real-time architecture, we think compromising is unacceptable.

If you are involved in the development of real-time applications, you know what it’s like to make compromises. We believe there are four key areas that must not be compromised: latency (L), freshness of data (F), throughput (T), and concurrency (C). If your system can’t deliver all four of these simultaneously, your real-time isn’t really real-time.

FeatureBase’s feature-oriented format enables performance at L, F, T, AND C while remaining the most cost-efficient real-time database on the market today. Learn how you can have it all without having to resort to brute force techniques.

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Low Latency

Complex, real-time queries

Run even your most complex queries and workloads and expect millisecond results, regardless of data cardinality, size, or scale. Our novel data format structures data to allow for minimum I/O when processing analytical queries, which means users avoid compute-intensive scans and reduce their cost per query.

Freshest Data

Continuously available

Eliminate costly and time-consuming preaggregation steps so you are always operating on your freshest data. Avoid being dependent on rigid scripts tied to rollup tables, OLAP cubes, data marts, or summarized views, and instead access and compute data in its most granular, up-to-date form.

High Throughput

Instant ingest

Ingest as much streaming and historical data as you need, when you need it, without impacting your database hardware.

FeatureBase excels at handling updates and inserts due to our homomorphically compressed data format, which enables us to store far less data than other databases.

High Concurrency

Automatically scales up

Ensure that reads are never blocked by other reads or writes.

FeatureBase stores data in-memory using our homomorphically compressed format, which means less memory is required to both store and query your data than would be required in most in-memory databases.

The Real-Time Database for Any Scale

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Use Cases

Your whole team can leverage real-time data to power better business outcomes.

  • Deliver better customer experiences

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  • Instantly detect anomalies and fraud

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  • Improve forecasting and optimize processes

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Preaggregation is costing billions in missed opportunity.

There’s a better way.

Our Customers

  • “Using Molecula to analyze activity across our 100M+ monthly login events in real time gives us an entirely new view of our data. Without Molecula in our data pipeline, working with this volume of data would be effectively impossible.”

    — Adam Blue, CTO, Q2eBanking

  • “Molecula provides the millisecond, real-time data access and query speeds we need to help us optimize internet traffic and bottlenecks for online gamers around the globe.”

    — Don Brown, Head of Data at Subspace

  • “Molecula has been an excellent addition to our technology analytics. FeatureBase gives us the ability to analyze significant volumes of both streaming and batch data with extreme efficiency and a minimal hardware footprint. This has opened possibilities beyond foundational reporting to real time actionable data to inform operational teams of service disruptions, security issues and performance anomalies. All of this to lean forward towards an Adaptive Operational Posture based on real time infrastructure telemetry.”

    — North Texas Hospital, IT Technology Infrastructure

  • “Molecula is hands-down a game-changer for our company and clients. The technology behind the blistering performance speeds is unparalleled and couldn’t be backed by a better team. Our clients were experiencing query result times exceeding 30 seconds and now with Molecula FeatureBase the same queries take less than 100ms.”

    — Corey Zwart, Head of Engineering at Pumpjack Dataworks

  • “Woodmac Power and Renewables are embarking on bringing an industry-first, high granular level of insight into a traditionally opaque market. Molecula FeatureBase allows us to analyze significant volumes of both streaming and batch data, which was not possible prior. In addition, with the hyper-increased exposure and access to our vast data reserves, we can unlock future products and services that were thought not possible.”

    — Matthew Boyda, Vice President, P&R/Power Solutions, Wood Mackenzie

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