Optimize Business Processes

Forecast and optimize business processes
and workflows in real time

One of the key components of process improvement is analyzing data and turning that analysis into action in real-time. However,  that task can be impossible as the volume of data and the number of sources data is collected from explodes.

Research from firms such as IBM, shows we create approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day.

Businesses are discovering and perfecting new approaches to uncover and assemble actionable insights that help them streamline operations, maintain competitive edge, and improve bottom lines.


Some of the challenges facing businesses today include:

  • The volume of data is too large to analyze in a timely manner
  • The complexity of data infrastructures and teams can create bottlenecks 
  • Different teams within the same organization will have different data needs, and this can create waste and rework

Molecula’s FeatureBase for Optimizing Business Processes

FeatureBase is designed to deliver secure, fast, continuous access to all your data. The first and most crucial step in leveraging big data to optimize business processes is to ensure all of the data is accessible and ready for analysis. The sheer amount of data, compliance requirements, and the ever-growing collection of data in disparate silos can be overwhelming. By eliminating time-consuming and costly preaggregation, FeatureBase unlocks your data to allow for instant and continuously up-to-date analysis to inform business process optimization across any industry.

Optimizing Business Processes Use Cases


Generate more accurate forecasts and predictions

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Complex Billing

Create live invoicing and usage based billing

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Dynamic Pricing

Optimize pricing strategies based on audience characteristics

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