Real-Time Segmentation to Improve Customer Experience

3 tips to optimize your infrastructure for data-driven targeting


Forward-thinking organizations are shifting customer experience (CX) strategy from focusing on a few differentiated groups to narrowing in on hyper-personalization and fostering a 1:1 relationship with each customer. This shift requires continuous analysis of large volumes of data and the right infrastructure to support it. And while there is no shortage of data or new technologies, maximizing the value of your data happens only when you can derive insights from it, and transform those insights into real-time decisions.


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Key takeaways

  1. Delivering better CX is not a single-faceted endeavor— it’s a combination of speed, scale, location, object, & more.
  2. Data is one of the most impactful elements of creating a strong, machine-driven CX program, but some “expected data behavior” could be bringing your organization down.
  3. The industry has created a facade of “real time” by using workarounds (like preaggregation) but in reality, this means your data is stale. 

Featured speakers

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Erica Fowler, PhD
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Erica is a strategy and analytics professional with 12 years of experience designing, implementing, and read more…

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Matt Jaffee
Distinguished Engineer

Matt Jaffee is the Distinguished Engineer at Molecula and has been with the company since its inception. He works closely with the engineering team and customers, prospects, and partners to keep a pulse on the industry and help inform the product's technical direction. read more…

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