How to Achieve 1M+ Record/Second Kafka Ingest without Sacrificing Query Latency

As our world moves towards being “always-on,” the ability to make decisions and predictions on streaming data in real-time has become mission-critical. Apache Kafka has paved the way for organizations to capitalize on the power of streaming data, but it needs supporting technology to enable real-time analytics.

Watch on demand to learn how FeatureBase and Kafka work together to achieve high throughput and low latency without sacrificing data freshness. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. How to ingest >1M records per second without sacrificing query latency
  2. How to rapidly update billions of records with real-time updates and inserts
  3. Learn to do automatic schema updates without manual changes or cutover downtime

Featured speakers

ericafowler headshot copy

Erica Fowler, PhD
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Erica is a strategy and analytics professional with 12 years of experience designing, implementing, and read more…

Garrett Raska - Lead Sales Engineer

Garrett Raska
Solutions Engineering Lead

Garrett is an engineering and sales professional with ten years of experience working with complex read more…

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