Data Aggregation is Unavoidable! (And Other Big Data Lies)
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Data Aggregation is Unavoidable! (And Other Big Data Lies)

When: Oct. 6th, 2021 | 1:00 pm CDT Data has outgrown the legacy technologies we’ve developed to collect, manage, and act on it to create value. What was once a couple of gigabytes of data that could be batch ETL’d into a data warehouse and analyzed for insight, has exploded into petabytes of data. The complex infrastructures attempting to support the scale, often through costly, inefficient preprocessing and pre-aggregation strategies aren’t enough to remain competitive.


Join our webinar to learn a new way to think about your data. Hear real life success stories of organizations that can collapse data schemas on ingest, negating the need for pre-aggregation and enabling true real-time analytics, wherever data may be.

Key takeaways

  • Pre-aggregation strategies are workarounds to deal with data infrastructure problems
  • Pre-aggregating data often creates performance problems and masks important insights
  • Eliminating the need for pre-aggregation enables true real-time at scale  for analytics, predictions, and more

Featured speakers

ericafowler headshot copy

Erica Fowler, PhD
Product Marketing Manager

Erica is a strategy and analytics professional with 11 years’ experience designing, implementing, and evaluating read more…


Denis Coady
An experienced product manager with a demonstrated history of providing valuable products and services in read more…

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