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4 Requirements to Efficiently Deliver Real-Time Data at Scale

Are you struggling to support real-time capabilities at scale?

Do you have TBs of data and real-time analytics needs?

Watch to find out how FeatureBase can help. 


With the ever-increasing volumes of data that teams are asked to support every day, organizations need a real-time solution that can scale with their workloads. FeatureBase separates itself from other so-called “real-time” solutions by addressing the four requirements to deliver real-time data at scale efficiently:

  • Low Latency: Can you run millisecond queries across distributed datasets with billions of records?
  • Fresh Data: Do your workloads use real-time data to optimize results?
  • High Throughput: Can you scale your streaming ingest to handle over 1M Kafka Messages/Second?
  • High Concurrency: Can your database respond in milliseconds to thousands of simultaneous queries?

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to efficiently meet all four requirements and how to avoid the typical tradeoffs and workarounds used to achieve real-time data access

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