Saadman Reza

Senior Director of Revenue Operations

Saadman is focused on improving operational capabilities across all revenue-generating functions at Molecula. Truly a child of the world, Saadman was born in Bangladesh, spent his formative years in New Zealand before immigrating with his parents to the United States. Saadman has received two Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Government from the University of Texas at Austin and is currently based in Austin, Texas.

He is an operations leader who has experience in leading the planning, managing, executing, and enabling the short and long-term roadmaps of Systems, Processes, and Analytics creation, improvement, and expansion across multiple departments and stakeholders. Specifically, his background is centered around Enterprise SaaS B2B Go-to-market motions and optimizing the operations in the Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Channel Alliances, and Pre-Sales departments. Saadman is specifically focused on uncovering strategies to best drive revenue, find opportunities to improve efficiencies, and accelerate strategic outcomes.

Outside of the office, Saadman enjoys cooking for friends and family, a hip-hop head, and a zealous sports fanatic.