Patrick O’Keeffe

VP of Engineering

A versatile and dedicated software business executive with 25 years of experience in software engineering, software architecture, and product, Pat thrives on embracing and driving change and is passionate about helping teams achieve their best, even throughout challenging transformations. Pat works hard to understand the needs of all stakeholders from the business, technical and human perspectives in order to build agile software teams that can develop innovative software.

Pat evangelizes open, transparent, and empathic leadership in the belief that people perform best when they are trusted, feel safe to innovate, and know the business and organizational contexts in which they operate.

He has delivered world-changing software and innovation for Quest Software, Dell, and more, and is excited to bring his expertise to the Molecula team to build a robust Engineering team that can scale with the business to deliver on our vision of ultra low latency data at any scale.

In his spare time, he alternates between attempting to play guitar, and building model steam engines. In 2012, he moved from Melbourne, Australia to Austin, TX where he lives with his family.
Follow him on Twitter at @ pokeeffe and connect with him on LinkedIn.