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Higinio “H.O.” Maycotte

Chief Executive Officer

I very much believe that we are at the beginning of a super evolution brought on by the proliferation of data, computing, and advanced engineering. It’s now possible to learn from and improve upon the physical and biological worlds at an unprecedented velocity. An evolution isn’t something you decide to participate in. This future will impact you, me, the planet, and beyond. The stakes are highest in areas like healthcare, agriculture, and life sciences, and the intersection between data and AI is currently the biggest challenge and opportunity on earth. Regardless of what you call it — machine learning, AI — embracing the human-machine partnership will get you there faster and set you up for exponential growth. As such I focus all of my professional efforts, alongside my incredibly talented team at Molecula, helping companies make their data AI-ready.

In my personal life I enjoy traveling the world with my family, building things in my shop and most importantly figuring out how to upload my brain into the machines. I love the future and consider myself an ambassador to the future, introducing tomorrow to today.

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