Higinio “H.O.” Maycotte

Chief Executive Officer

As the great-grandson of the Mexican General who shot off Pancho Villa’s leg, H.O. embodies the spirit of a true revolutionary. Despite this ancestor’s sharpshooting tendencies, HO is one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet.

His background is in starting innovative companies from scratch, such as RateGenius, Flightlock, Finetooth (now Mumboe), the Texas Tribune, and most recently, Umbel (now MVPindex), a data management platform that helps Sports and Entertainment companies turn fans into customers.

HO is now leading Molecula, a new spin-out focused on commercializing the analytics engine used to power Umbel’s powerful segmentation capabilities. With over 18,000 hours of engineering time already spent in developing and refining this in-memory, distributed index, HO spends his time riding the razors edge between offering the core technology to the wider developer community as an open source project while simultaneously allowing enterprise-level clients to make their data instant.

Follow him on Twitter at @maycotte and connect with him on LinkedIn.