An Entirely New Paradigm for Continuous, Real-time Data Analysis—

We developed this TCO calculator to help you understand the cost, time and resource savings you can achieve with Molecula while unlocking real-time functionality never possible before and delivering a more instant experience to your users.

The Science Behind the Calculations

The Science Behind the Technology

Learn how Molecula's novel approach to powering your analytics will enable real-time capabilities never possible before with 1000x improved performance and 10-100x reduction in footprint. Download Whitepaper
TCO Calculator

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Molecula’s Technical Capabilities—

Key Differentiators:

Breaking the Latency Floor

By deconstructing by entities, fields, values, and relationships and standardizing it as a core data format, we enable a cascading set of benefits that includes Analytics at UI speed supporting highly concurrent access.


The ability to performantly JOIN at query-time across disparate VDSs.

Copy-free Portability

When spawning our highly-performant data representations, only translation keys and updates to relationships are moved across the network, yielding up to 100X reduction in hardware footprint and data movement.

High Concurrency Analytics

Because of the extreme performance achieved querying a VDS, clients can now offer "UI latency" analytics to large user bases.

Effortless Control

Control access to cell-level data, audits usage, track lineage, anonymize data and manage infrastructure resources with unrivaled precision.

Schema Simplification

The value-first data representation used by Molecula enables some interesting benefits in terms of schema, including multi-valued and time quantums.

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