Molecula delivers real-time data access for cutting edge software and hardware applications

With the rise of the Internet of Things, the adoption of cloud computing, and the increased accessibility of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, businesses are producing and consuming more data from more sources than ever before. Whether a technology application is managing customer interactions, developing and testing products, personalizing products and services, delivering connected equipment, or enabling automated personal assistants, being able to access data across silos and process it in real-time can be the difference between failure and success.

Molecula for Technology Companies

Molecula’s product, FeatureBase, powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by simultaneously executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. With Molecula, high tech companies are able to securely access and perform computations on any and all data at unprecedented speeds, with incredibly low latency, and with a fraction of the hardware.

Molecula empowers companies in the technology industry to:


outcomes in real-time by leveraging 100% of distributed data


users and drive adoption with zero latency


continuous analysis and machine learning with millisecond performance


security and privacy risks with anonymized-ready data


time and cost to get value from AI and machine learning

Use Cases


Internal Analytics

Employees who have access to analytics about the business, the products, the customers and even their own performance are empowered to make better decisions.


Customer Experience

Leveraging real-time and historical data to automatically configure apps for personalized experiences across channels builds customer loyalty.



Data access can predict equipment failures, supply chain bottlenecks, and other hazards that impact customer satisfaction so that teams can pre-emptively execute solutions.


Sales Teams

The right data-driven app allows sales teams to focus on the highest-value customers that are most likely to convert and helps identify the highest LTV customers.

“The great thing about digital businesses is that there’s a data trail of breadcrumbs for everything you, your customers, and your partners do. The tough thing about digital businesses is that actually using that data to optimize your business takes a degree of data management maturity very few organizations have.”

– Gene Leganza, Forrester

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