Public Sector

Molecula provides data access to accomplish large-scale goals for public good

An effective public sector is crucial for a well-functioning society. Organizations and agencies must have access to the latest, most important data in order to make better decisions, take action, and complete the feedback loop for continuous improvement. Public sector departments must leverage data to increase the effectiveness of government, enable modernization, and improve the way citizens interact with their environment.

Molecula for the Public Sector

Molecula’s product, FeatureBase, powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by simultaneously executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. With Molecula, public sector organizations and companies are able to securely access and perform computations on any and all data at unprecedented speeds, with incredibly low latency, and with a fraction of the hardware.

Molecula empowers companies in the public sector industry to:


outcomes in real-time by leveraging 100% of distributed data


users and drive adoption with zero latency


continuous analysis and machine learning with millisecond performance


security and privacy risks with anonymized-ready data


time and cost to get value from AI and machine learning

Department of Defense



Track readiness of troops and adversary behavior


Mental Health Issues

Predict and address mental health issues in active toops and veteran populations


Disaster Response

More efficiently prepare for disaster response and recovery

Public Utilities



Understand the supply and demand needs of utilities such as power, water and bandwidth


Failure patterns

Predict failure patterns in large populations


Utility production

Strategic utility production to maximize scalability and flexibility

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Dynamically reconfigure


Dynamically reconfigure networks based on latency, bandwidth and potential outages


IOT data in real time with large quantity of sensors

Access IOT data in real time with large quantity of sensors


Usage and expenses

Audit usage and expenses

Educational Institutions


Student engagement and graduation rates

Increase student engagement and graduation rates by identifying problems before they occur


Safety on campus

Improve safety on campus with predictive modeling using location data from mobile devices and other systems


Successful campaigns

Develop successful alumni campaigns

State and Federal Government


Voting integrity

Improve voting integrity by preparing for vulnerabilities and improving reporting technology


Demand for natural resources

Manage demand for natural resources


Citizen interactions

Transform the way citizens interact with government

“Artificial intelligence is the new oil, and the governments or the countries that get the best datasets will unquestionably develop the best AI”

– Nand Mulchandani, US Dept of Defense

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