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Data readiness with Molecula enables true computation at the edge

While IoT devices are poised to enable some of the most impactful advances in our world across industries such as healthcare, infrastructure management, building and home automation, transportation, and smart cities, there is still room for improvement in overcoming the technical challenges of accessing data at the edge and achieving the real-time insights to achieve the business outcomes organizations expect.

IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide. The reality of IoT is that it hasn’t yet lived up to it’s vision. Getting data to and from the edge fast enough and securely enough prevents many initiatives from realizing the full potential of IoT. IT teams are tasked with designing and implementing edge computing architectures which are different from typical cloud computing systems.

Some of the challenges facing companies looking to implement IoT systems today include:
  • Data is too large and diverse to compute at the edge
  • Data is difficult to merge across different systems, storage silos and across edge to cloud
  • By the time data is integrated, it is outdated and/or response times are unacceptable
  • Moving data from the cloud to the edge and back opens up new security risks

Molecula for IoT and Edge

The sheer amount of IoT and Edge data, compliance requirements, and ever-growing collection of disparate data silos can be overwhelming. Molecula is an enterprise feature store designed to deliver secure, fast, continuous access to all your data without moving or copying the data. This means IoT data can stay at the edge and by just bringing features to the cloud, organizations can query and JOIN IoT and Edge data in real-time with historical and other streaming data in the cloud.

The feature store maintains up-to-the-millisecond data updates from cloud to edge with no upfront data preparation necessary  Molecula’s feature-first approach to making big data ready and portable is a radical advance from conventional approaches such as federation and aggregation and can enable real-time use cases never possible before.

Molecula Enables:

AI-Ready Feature Storage

continuously extract and update features in real-time

Centralized Data Access

ultra low latency access to all of your data

High concurrency queries

for machine-scale analytics and ML

Query-Time JOINS

performant without pre-aggregation or preprocessing

Reduced Data Footprint

up to 85% lossless data reduction

Seamless Integration

as an overlay into existing environments

Molecula In Action

Predict supply chain failures

Analyze product sensors in real time to predict component failure and develop more sophisticated forecasting models

Optimize utility grid pricing

Achieve efficiencies and optimization by monitoring performance, measuring grid conditions through sensors, and combining insights with real-time market data

Enhance your customer’s experience with smart devices

Leverage real-time usage data for support and fulfillment needs with products such as printer toner, security systems, and air filters


“We are very excited to leverage Molecula’s enterprise feature store to speed up our data processing workflows and gain much deeper insights on our customers and product usage. Molecula helps us access the hardest and the largest datasets at extreme performance – in real-time – and in a way that seamlessly integrates into our existing big data environment.”


Power Analytics and Molecula have partnered to address these challenges head on. The partnership was formed to deliver a combined offering for customers to cost effectively protect and enhance their critical revenue resulting in higher margins, greater customer retention, and more informed capital allocation decisions. This joint solution allows clients to monitor, simulate, predict, and analyze critical infrastructure assets and network health in real time. Clients are empowered to proactively manage outages, mitigate SLAs, and access data about any dimension of their network at any time.

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