Network Performance

Monitor and respond to network performance issues faster


A recent MIT study found that the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds.

The Challenge:

Network performance monitoring is the process of visualizing, monitoring, optimizing, troubleshooting and reporting on the health and availability of your network as experienced by your users. A complex type of analysis, it typically includes collecting different types of data from a variety of sources. Each data source provides a unique perspective on the problem, and combined they create a complete view of the health of your network and the applications running over it. However, it is incredibly difficult to combine hundreds, if not thousands of data sources into a single, up-to-date view, identify an issue, and mitigate it before it impacts users. This challenge is critical to solve considering the average person notices a lag within 50 milliseconds or less.

Network performance monitoring is particularly important within the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry, where excellent network performance and zero lag are prerequisites for satisfactory gameplay.

A Better Way:

Through the development of new technologies, there are emerging ways to combine historical, streaming, and real-time data within a single access point. Often latency remains an issue as data moves through engineering pipelines, but that’s changing too. Much like Snowflake has optimized data storage, there are now ways to optimize data compute, shattering the previously accepted latency floor.


Introducing FeatureBase

The Real-Time Database for Any Scale

FeatureBase is designed to deliver secure, fast, continuous access to all your data in a machine-native format. The first and most crucial step in leveraging big data to monitor and optimize network performance is ensuring all of the data is accessible and ready for analysis.

Rather than the conventional approach of moving, copying, and preaggregating data, FeatureBase extracts features from each of the underlying data sources and stores them in a centralized access point, making data immediately accessible, actionable, and reusable. FeatureBase maintains up-to-the-millisecond data updates for ultra-low latency analysis with no time-consuming, costly preaggregation necessary.

The Benefits of FeatureBase:

Improve Monitoring

Analyze petabytes of streaming and batch data within a single access point.

Accelerate Detection and Response Times

Collaborate cross-team with millisecond insights into threats and anomalies.

Reduce Costs

Ingest and analyze all of your data without concerns around rising storage and compute costs.

Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring with FeatureBase:


Subspace is a world leader in providing real-time services and application performance over the internet. With heritage in the gaming community, Subspace identified an opportunity to update their existing platform.

With FeatureBase, Subspace created a centralized view of their gaming platform resulting in:


  • Ability to identify latency, packet loss, and jitter lag times in real time
  • Custom UI for status at-a-glance
  • Real-time network monitoring and alerting
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