Life Sciences

Molecula gives life sciences the world-changing power of data access

Life sciences data scientists and analysts are playing increasingly important roles as they provide the analytics necessary to make time-sensitive decisions in competitive, dynamic environments. They need access to massive amounts of high-velocity data in order to succeed. It’s not trivial to get vast amounts of complex data into a single place where it is interlinked and prepared for machine processing. Instead of spending their time exploring data and creating new analyses, too many data scientists and analysts are working overtime just to get access to the data.

Molecula for Life Sciences

Molecula’s product, FeatureBase, powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by simultaneously executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. With Molecula, life sciences companies are able to securely access and perform computations on any and all data at unprecedented speeds, with incredibly low latency, and with a fraction of the hardware.

Molecula empowers companies in the life sciences industry to:


outcomes in real-time by leveraging 100% of distributed data


users and drive adoption with zero latency


continuous analysis and machine learning with millisecond performance


security and privacy risks with anonymized-ready data


time and cost to get value from AI and machine learning

Use Cases


Genetic Mutations

With the ability to analyze all data across millions of cancer patients, mutations and patterns become visible for the first time.



Big data access at scale empowers scientists to combine demographic, geographic, and socio-economic data along with disease trends and health strategies to prevent unnecessary illness in populations.


Virus evolution

Testing against massive databases, DNA sequencing helps in the discovery of new viruses.


Drug trial execution and success

Analyzing unlimited patient attributes and being able to slice and dice data across all trials, past and present, provides for more rigorous evaluation of side effects during trials.

"Our solution drives efficiency by enabling anonymized data from source to submission and full remote site access, empowering patients, physicians, and sponsors to conduct more trials efficiently and faster in traditional and decentralized models."

– John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO of Elligo

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