IoT Analytics

Unify disparate data sources to reduce costs and improve asset productivity


IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide.

The Challenge:

With the continued growth and expansion of IoT data streams, many traditional tools are struggling to meet the expectations for both scale and speed. Emerging data-intensive predictive maintenance approaches often combine hundreds of metric streams from each of thousands of individual assets. This quickly introduces new challenges:

  • Data is difficult to merge across different systems, storage silos, and from edge to cloud
  • By the time data is integrated, it is outdated and/or response times are unacceptable

A Better Way:

The sheer amount of IoT data, compliance requirements, and ever-growing collection of disparate data can be overwhelming, but new technologies are emerging that allow for continuous, centralized access to IoT data. Organizations can now query and JOIN IoT data in real-time and combine it with historical and other streaming data within a single access point in the cloud.


Introducing FeatureBase

The Real-Time Database for Any Scale

FeatureBase is designed to deliver secure, fast, continuous access to all your data in a machine-native format. The first and most crucial step in leveraging big data for IoT analytics is ensuring all of the data is ready and accessible.

Rather than the conventional approach of moving, copying, and preaggregating data, FeatureBase extracts features from each of the underlying data sources and stores them in a centralized access point, making data immediately accessible, actionable, and reusable. FeatureBase maintains up-to-the-millisecond data updates with no time-consuming, costly preaggregation necessary.

The Benefits of FeatureBase:

Unify Data from All Sources

Combine historical, streaming, and real-time data related to devices, sensors, and more to drive the most accurate analysis and decision-making.

Predict at Scale

Eliminate the need to preaggregate data, allowing your teams to act on the freshest data in real-time.

Collaborate Across Your Entire Organization

With a single access point to decision-ready data, Operations, Product, IT, and more each get the data they need, in real-time.

Real-Time IoT Analysis with FeatureBase:


A cloud security firm wanted to improve user experience and increase usage of a key security platform. The solution offers secure access to externally managed cloud applications without exposing application firewalls to the internet to provide integrated security.

With existing infrastructure the firm was struggling to deliver real-time streaming metrics across domain, user, and performance.

Key outcomes included:

  • Query time reduced from hours to milliseconds with high concurrency
  • Reduced storage and compute by 60%
  • Real-time dashboard updates

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