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In today’s environment, customer experience is considered by many to be even more important than price or product. Providing a great customer experience has the power to motivate, delight, and retain customers. While most brands have already implemented some basic level of personalized marketing or product development, the reality is that personalization at scale is a technical challenge, especially for businesses that cater to large volumes of customers.

70% of companies that use dynamic personalization earn at least 200% ROI from marketing campaigns.

Some of the challenges facing companies looking to personalize at scale today include:

  • Customer data is difficult to merge across different systems or storage silos
  • By the time data is integrated, it is often outdated
  • Building digital trust requires strong security and privacy measures, including being transparent with data use and providing value in exchange for the data
  • It’s important to use accurate, relevant data to avoid being “creepy”

Molecula’s FeatureBase for Customer Experience

FeatureBase is designed to deliver secure, fast, continuous access to all your data. The first and most crucial step in leveraging big data for customer experience and insights is ensuring all of the data is accessible and ready for analysis. The sheer amount of data, compliance requirements, and ever-growing collection of data into disparate silos can be overwhelming. By eliminating time-consuming and costly preaggregation, FeatureBase unlocks your data to allow for instant and continuously up-to-date analysis, creation of cohorts, and personalization based on user data. With FeatureBase, you can create unmatchable user experiences.

Customer Experience Use Cases

Customer Segmentation

Determine cohorts of similar customers with real time data sources

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Dynamic Personalization

Serve customized content based on unified user data

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