Molecula delivers essential data to the right place at the right time when lives are literally on the line

The amount of data produced and managed in healthcare is mind-boggling. Despite being in the fastest-growing sector and having so much to gain, healthcare companies are historically slow to adopt new data technologies due in large part to compatibility issues with legacy systems and strict regulation compliance requirements. A major challenge facing healthcare organizations of all types, including hospitals, manufacturers, and group practices today is how to harness important data and turn it into more efficient emergency rooms, better patient outcomes, more secure records, predictive medicine, and more.

Molecula for Healthcare

Molecula’s product, FeatureBase, powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by simultaneously executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. With Molecula, healthcare-related businesses are able to securely access and perform computations on any and all data at unprecedented speeds, with incredibly low latency, and with a fraction of the hardware.

Molecula empowers companies in the healthcare industry to:


outcomes in real-time by leveraging 100% of distributed data


users and drive adoption with zero latency


continuous analysis and machine learning with millisecond performance


security and privacy risks with anonymized-ready data


time and cost to get value from AI and machine learning

Use Cases


Early warnings of disease conditions

Leverage vast and complex datasets with machine learning and AI applications to predict whether a disease is likely to present.



Combine demographic, geographic, and socio-economic data along with disease trends and health strategies to prevent unnecessary illness in populations.



Integrate financial and clinical data to reveal inefficiencies and provide insight into the effectiveness of treatment plans.

Precision medicine

For hyper-personalized care

Use biological, medical, behavioral, and environmental data to predict health risks and tailor more successful treatments at the individual level.

"As the leader in bringing healthcare to clinical research, Elligo is leveraging the power of data to directly improve the execution of clinical trials. True data virtualization readiness creates the ability to instantly provide synthetic data, novel data access and streamlined analytics. Molecula accelerates our ability to provide those capabilities and insights to our customers, and this partnership begins to fundamentally change the way clinical trials are executed.”

– Michael Ibara, VP Data Science, Elligo

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