Financial Services

Molecula gives financial institutions the most important tool they need to raise the bar: instant data access

Financial services transactions produce some of the most valuable data on earth. The problem is that this data is not necessarily accessible or usable. Despite being one of the most technically capable industries, financial services as a whole have yet to transformationally leverage big data, machine learning, and AI to the fullest potential. As some of the biggest tech giants inch closer and closer to the banking and financial world, and customer experiences become increasingly digital, there is more pressure than ever for financial industry directors to innovate sooner rather than later.

Molecula for financial services

Molecula’s product, FeatureBase, powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by simultaneously executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. With Molecula, financial industry companies are able to securely access and perform computations on any and all data at unprecedented speeds, with incredibly low latency, and with a fraction of the hardware.

Molecula empowers companies in the financial services industry to:


outcomes in real-time by leveraging 100% of distributed data


users and drive adoption with zero latency


continuous analysis and machine learning with millisecond performance


security and privacy risks with anonymized-ready data


time and cost to get value from AI and machine learning

Use Cases


Loan approval decision time

Leverage real-time, data-driven AI to make smarter, faster loan decisions than ever before.


Credit card
default risk

Behavioral data analysis has shown to be more accurate than conventional indicators such as overdue payments, overdrawn accounts, or factors such as age, income or repayment history.



Harness data across silos in real time to power machine learning techniques increases efficiency of false positive detection.


Fintech apps

Customers expect apps to conduct financial transactions. Real-time access to customer and market data make these apps possible and build stronger customer relationships.

“Without Molecula in our data pipeline, working with this volume of data would be effectively impossible.”

– Q2EBanking

Q2, a secure, cloud-based digital banking solutions company uses Molecula to power a cutting-edge targeting and messaging platform. Real-time queries enable machine learning algorithms to power a robust recommendation engine which analyzes customer interactions across a myriad of sources.

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