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Simplify and speed cloud migration with Molecula

The value proposition of cloud computing extends from cost savings to flexible scalability to enhanced security. Resources can be provisioned on an as-needed basis, and paying only for what you use can result in significant cost savings. The ability to access data from anywhere is also an obvious advantage to cloud computing. However, there are big data problems that the cloud won’t solve, and in some cases will exacerbate. Some professionals are surprised when they find pay-per-use models can lead to unpredictable costs. 

In Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud report, the top cloud initiative according to respondents is, “optimizing existing use of cloud to save costs,” (73%) for the fourth year in a row. To make the most of cloud computing benefits, properly preparing and reducing unnecessary data is key.  Implementing a system that does not rely on copying or federation will provide greater cost savings in resources both on premises and in the cloud.

Some of the challenges facing companies managing cloud migration today include:
  • Understanding app dependencies and providing proper data access
  • Assessing on-premises vs. cloud costs
  • Right sizing/selecting best instance
  • Migrating the right apps and data to the cloud
  • Achieving machine scale analytics across distributed data

Molecula with Cloud Migration 

Organizations who migrate data to the cloud will successfully simplify their data infrastructure and reduce resource costs however cloud migration does not provide the ability to do machine scale analytics. Molecula’s feature extraction and storage platform compliments cloud migration by enabling  real-time analytics and AI across data in the cloud and distributed in other places. With Molecula, companies can choose the right data to move to the cloud and have the option to leave other data at its source. Because a feature-first data format enables millisecond query performance and has a 60-90% reduced footprint compared to original data, organizations achieve real-time use cases never possible before and reduce the overall costs of enabling machine scale analytics and AI.

Molecula Enables:

AI-Ready Feature Storage

continuously extract and update features in real-time

Centralized data access

ultra low latency access to all of your data

High concurrency queries

for machine-scale analytics and ML

Query-Time JOINS

performant without pre-aggregation or preprocessing  

Reduced Data Footprint

up to 85% lossless data reduction

Seamless Integration

as an overlay into existing environments

Use Cases

Increase Security

Move only features to the cloud

Increase cloud security by keeping sensitive data on premises and only migrating extracted features to the cloud, while maintaining full computability

Reduce Costs

Reduce cloud costs

Extracted features are orders of magnitude smaller than original data, reducing cloud storage expenses as well as bandwidth requirements


Simplify cloud architecture

Consolidating all data across silos into a centralized feature store simplifies cloud implementation and management


“Organizations reported to be over budget for cloud spend by an average of 23 percent and expect cloud spend to increase by 47 percent next year.”


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