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Turbo boost your AI and machine learning life cycle with faster, better data

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have already impacted the future of virtually all business and will continue to do so at an even greater pace. With AI and ML increasingly deployed throughout organizations, it is now possible to automate models to analyze bigger, more complex data and return results faster and more accurately than ever before. 

In an early adopter study of 1,100 U.S. executives, Deloitte found that 82% reported a positive return on their investment for their AI initiatives. In the same study, sixty-three percent of surveyed executives said their AI initiatives are needed to catch up with their rivals or, at best, to open a narrow lead.

Some of the challenges facing companies looking to get the most out of AI & ML technologies today include:
  • Too much time spent waiting for IT to get distributed data ready
  • No secure, standardized fulfillment format for data
  • Slow data request update cycles
  • Managing and versioning training data
  • Storing features so prepared data can be reused
  • Scaling and putting models in production

Molecula for AI & Machine Learning

Molecula’s feature extraction and storage platform is designed to deliver secure, fast, continuous access to all your data. The first and most crucial step in leveraging big data for AI and machine learning is ensuring all of the data is ready and accessible. The sheer amount of data, compliance requirements, and ever-growing collection of disparate data silos can be overwhelming. Molecula’s feature-first approach to making big data ready for AI and analysis is a radical advance from conventional approaches such as federation and aggregation. 

Molecula Enables:

AI-ready feature storage

continuously extract and update features in real-time

Centralized Data Access

ultra low latency access to all of your data

High concurrency queries

for machine-scale analytics and ML

Query-time JOINS

performant without pre-aggregation or preprocessing

Reduced Data Footprint

up to 85% lossless data reduction

Seamless Integration

as an overlay into existing environments 

Molecula In Action

Reduce time to AI-ready data

Get data to the scientists faster by automating access to demanding data workloads across silos.

Improve machine learning lifecycle

Remove the data barrier for data scientists so they can train models, reuse models, and get to production faster.

Deliver powerful AI applications to end users

Power application features that were never before possible with real-time data.

“Molecula’s feature store lets us scale our machine learning solutions more easily and cost effectively than ever before. We can tackle new problems requiring more data from more sources, giving our customers quicker ROI.”

– ADAM MASSEY, CEO OF F33.AI, is a professional services company specializing in designing and deploying production-grade, business-focused AI/ML solutions to some of the largest companies in the world. Their partnership with Molecula makes them the only AI/ML consultancy firm in the world that combines a proprietary machine learning model lifecycle management platform with an enterprise feature store, enabling real-time modeling and analytics across distributed data sources at massive scale.

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