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Molecula clients quickly achieve milestones in their quest to become modern organizations. Our Data Access Platform is an ideal solution for industries facing high data volume, hybrid data environments, fast or real-time complex analytics, or machine learning decisions such as:

Companies that need a 360 view of their customer in real-time while enriching that view with constantly changing data like orders, clickstreams and social

Retailers who require dynamic segmentation and real-time personalization to improve their customer experience

Manufacturers that need to analyze IoT data combined with historical and other data sources in real-time

Healthcare organizations that want to provide real-time connected healthcare insights to their care providers

Pharmaceutical organizations who need to bring data together from multiple institutions and applications to have more accurate and collaborative research

Financial Services organizations who need to make real-time credit underwriting decisions, risk assessments, or detect fraudulent activity more accurately


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    Real-Time Personalization and Segmentation

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    Distributed Analytics and Remote Decision Making/IoT

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    Data Discovery / Data Preparation for ML

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    Real-Time Anomaly Detection and Network Analysis

  • Understand your customer like never before with data from every channel and interaction across multiple systems, in real time.

    Empower marketing and sales to understand their audience and ask any questions without the wait. Enable powerful solutions for digital marketing, ad personalization, targeted content, experience personalization, and contextual chatbots and real-time apps.

  • Whether your source data is air-gapped behind a firewall or across major clouds, keep ONLY ONE COPY of your source data and create as many abstractions as you need to support your fast analytics, machine learning and real-time remote decision making.

    Seamlessly move a VDS to a different region, a different cloud provider or even out to the edge where operational decisions are being made. Molecula allows for the portability of data-optimized decisions where they need to be made while protecting the safety and security of the source data, keeping it jurisdictionally, technically, and politically optimized.

  • Speed up machine learning efforts by reducing the time it takes to prepare data for machine learning efforts. 

    Query and analyze large amounts of data across various sources/clouds and types in split-second latencies for data collection, formatting, and feature engineering. Use Molecula’s AI-embedded model capabilities to uncover relationships within the data across all sources and types. Molecula integrates seamlessly with several ML toolkits and frameworks.

  • Uncover anomalies and exceptions by processing massive flows of streaming events and contextualizing it against historical data in real time.

    Power analytics and ML models on integrated production data to identify fraudulent and suspicious behavior. Common deployments include financial crimes detection, insurance fraud, anti-money laundering (AML) and real-time network analysis.

Ask Your Data Engineers if Molecula is Right for You—

Still not sure how, or if, a Data Access Platform can help you? These questions will surface issues you may not have thought of, and help unpack the ways Molecula’s Distributed Data Access Platform can benefit your organization. If your answers make you feel like you’re not operating at your full potential, let’s talk.

Are you currently copying, aggregating or moving data to get it in the right place and format?

Do you have a secure self-service model for business users to gain access to datasets?

Do you have an integration strategy across your batch, streaming, data lakes and data warehouses to power ML/analytics-based decisions?

Can you support real-time decisions today, or enable your data scientists to join data from any dataset and do analytics across them in real time?

Do your Data Scientists, analysts and app developers have access to all their data for modeling, complex analytics, and algorithms?

Is your IT data access request cycle long for large, complex datasets?

Is your data unavailable when and where it’s needed, fragmented across systems/structures locations, or costly to integrate?

Are you experiencing latency issues when querying large data sets, data lakes, or across data sources?

Do your data scientists have a pipeline to retrain models running in production without having to move data back and forth?

Do you have a strategy for data integration, preparation and pre-processing for advanced analytics or ML? Does it require days/weeks?


Using Molecula to analyze activity across our 100M+ monthly login events in real time gives us an entirely new view of our data. Without Molecula in our data pipeline, working with this volume of data would be effectively impossible.

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