Built to conquer the most challenging data problems—

Other data access approaches fall short on performance, can’t scale, drive up costs, and are not ML-friendly. But Molecula accelerates and unifies data access, empowering you to make decisions on 100% of your data.

Data Market—


Data Value



Data Value


From data to decision in the blink of a byte—

How Molecula Works

Molecula provides real-time, virtualized access to all data in-memory via an abstraction layer above the physical implementation of data. Here’s a closer look at the virtualization process. Roll over a component in the below diagram to learn more about it.

The Molecula Platform Key Components—


Distributed Bitmap Index

Virtual Data Sources (VDSs)

Pilosa Enterprise (Data Format)
Schema Management
Translation Keys
Access Control
Data Lineage
Model Execution

VDS Manager (VDSM)

VDS Registry
Query Manager
Resource Manager
Access Manager
Plugin Manager
Interface (https, gRPC, CLI)

Plugin Ecosystem


  • Pilosa

    Distributed Bitmap Index

  • Virtual Data Sources (VDSs)

    Pilosa Enterprise (Data Format)
    Schema Management
    Translation Keys
    Access Control
    Data Lineage
    Model Execution

  • VDS Manager (VDSM)

    VDS Registry
    Query Manager
    Resource Manager
    Access Manager
    Plugin Manager
    Interface (https, gRPC, CLI)

  • Plugin Ecosystem


Plugins available today—

In addition to a REST API, client libraries, and SQL support, Molecula has an extension framework to support plugins for most upstream and downstream systems, including ingest, data consumption, and security.

These plugins are designed to connect to data sources ranging from databases (sql or nosql), to data pipelines and file systems in order to ingest data into Molecula.


Ingest data from a Kafka topic into Molecula

Kafka Connect

Ingest data via Kafka Connect into Molecula


Ingest data from MySQL database into Molecula


Ingest data from SQL Server database into Molecula


Ingest data from Snowflake data warehouse into Molecula


Ingest data from Cassandra database into Molecula


Ingest data from Teradata data warehouse into Molecula


Ingest Spark data streams into Molecula


Ingest Parquet files into Molecula


Ingest files from your S3 instances into Molecula

Big Query

Ingest data from your Big Query data warehouse into Molecula

Use Monitoring Plugins to connect Molecula to your logging or monitoring platform of choice.


Monitor your VDSs with Prometheus


Monitor your VDSs with Splunk


Monitor your VDSs with Jaeger


Collect metrics about your VDSs with StatsD


Monitor your VDSs with OpenTracing


Monitor your VDSs with Datadog

Consumption plugins extend our API and Client Libraries to connect to systems that will use data in Molecula to visualize data, analyze it and ask questions of your data.


Query your Molecula data using Tableau

Microsoft Power BI

Visualize your data with Microsoft Power BI

Jupyter Notebook

Query your Molecula data from your Jupyter Notebook


Create Pandas data frames from Molecula VDSs


Query your Molecula data using Snowflake


Query your Molecula data using RStudio


Query your Molecula data using RAPIDS

JDBC Driver

Query your Molecula data with JDBC Driver

Molecula in action—

Molecula’s Cloud Data Access Platform simplifies, accelerates, and controls big data infrastructure by leveraging highly-performant data representations, eliminating the need to pre-aggregate, federate, copy, cache, or move source data.

Millisecond Analytics
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JOINs With No Pre Aggregation
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Data in real time delivers real advantages—

With Molecula, your entire team will see significant, job-changing enhancements to the way they’re able to perform their jobs.

IT/Data Engineers

will be able to simplify data availability with no compromise via:


  • 100% data access up to PB scale
  • Most performant, secure unified access
  • Unlimited joins/any format, no pre-aggregation
  • No data copies or movement

Business Users/Data Scientists

can accelerate time from data to decisions thanks to:


  • Instant, continuous, deeper insights across any data set
  • Choice of any data science/BI tool
  • 1000x faster BI/ML
  • Lower time to value with fast queries and no data delivery cycles


can control data access, compliance risks, and costs through:


  • Secure sharing across ecosystem and edge to core
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Reduce data sprawl
  • Reduce data infrastructure footprint or cloud costs 10-100x

Molecula’s Technology Superpowers—

Key Differentiators:

Breaking the Latency Floor

By deconstructing by entities, fields, values, and relationships and standardizing it as a core data format, we enable a cascading set of benefits that includes Analytics at UI speed supporting highly concurrent access.


The ability to performantly JOIN at query-time across disparate VDSs.

Copy-free Portability

When spawning our highly-performant data representations, only translation keys and updates to relationships are moved across the network, yielding up to 100X reduction in hardware footprint and data movement.

High Concurrency Analytics

Because of the extreme performance achieved querying a VDS, clients can now offer "UI latency" analytics to large user bases.

Effortless Control

Control access to cell-level data, audits usage, track lineage, anonymize data and manage infrastructure resources with unrivaled precision.

Schema Simplification

The value-first data representation used by Molecula enables some interesting benefits in terms of schema, including multi-valued and time quantums.

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Molecula's novel approach to data access is game changing to your applications. Big Data Application providers are challenged today to deliver a fluid, real-time user experience to their customers with the comprehensive analytic functionality they hope to deliver.