Power Analytics Global & Molecula Announce Strategic Partnership

By: Molecula  |  March 4, 2020


Enabling real-time decisions across distributed Network Infrastructure environments

RALEIGH, NC and AUSTIN, TX March 4, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Power Analytics Global, a next generation technology platform company that specializes in critical network infrastructure software monitoring, prediction, simulation and data-analytics, and Molecula, a Cloud Data Access company that simplifies, accelerates, and enables instantaneous, secure access to large, fragmented, and geographically distributed data sets to support the most demanding Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IoT workloads, announced today a strategic partnership.

The goal of the partnership is to deliver a combined offering for customers to cost effectively protect and enhance their critical revenue resulting in higher margins, customer retention and more informed capital allocation decisions. The combined offering will allow customers to drastically reduce the cost, time and complexity of accessing critical, operational data from globally distributed network assets and infrastructure. The hardened tools and real-time capabilities of this powerful combination enable our clients to incorporate, predict trends, and take action in real-time across relevant components of distributed data sets while lowering the hardware footprint needed to store, process and make decisions from the operational data streaming from these critical networks.

The Power Analytics suite of world-class software gives network infrastructure management and electrical engineering professionals control over their critical power infrastructure from design and modeling to simulation and analysis, saving millions of dollars, eliminating downtime, recovering stranded load capacity, reducing energy costs and optimizing business continuity. Power Analytics’ cloud platform and next-generation analytics Power Digital Twin (PDT), are built on proprietary intellectual property and decades of engineering and design expertise. Power Analytics boasts a portfolio of 24 patents. The platforms allow customers to take full control of their critical network infrastructure, reduce costs, automate operations, and improve business reliability.

Keith Barksdale Chairman of Power Analytics Global stated, “This partnership and unique product offering will allow us to bring an unrivaled solution to the Digital Twin marketplace which is estimated to grow in size from ~$3.8 billion today to ~$35-$40 billion by 2025. We are the only network software infrastructure company in the world who has combined power modeling with a Cloud Data Access platform, enabling real-time modeling and analytics across distributed network assets for the Digital Twin network infrastructure marketplace.”

Kevin Meagher President of Power Analytics added, “This new partnership also demonstrates the fundamental strategy to ‘future proof” this enterprise solution, bringing power and energy into advanced analytics that is integrated to the entire digital twin/AI/ML for any organization.”

Molecula’s differentiated approach to Data Access allows enterprises to access all of their data at the speed of thought, reducing the time and cost it takes to go from data to decision—without pre-aggregating, moving, copying data, nor federating queries to underlying source systems. Uniquely, this approach results in instant access to disparate data sets and a more efficient analytical data infrastructure, without compromising on governance or compliance and reducing infrastructure footprints by up to 100x

Molecula’s patented ability to deliver highly-performant representations of large, disparate data sources, provides real-time access to all data in-memory, avoiding data movement and provides a layer of abstraction above the physical implementation of data, irrespective of the source, how it is formatted and where it is physically located.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Power Analytics to enable the future-proof predictive monitoring of such critical operational network infrastructures. The massive amount of real-time data being generated by the complex and distributed components of these networks are at a scale that Molecula can uniquely process,” said H.O. Maycotte, CEO and Founder of Molecula. “This integrated solution will modernize the analytical and AI/ML capabilities of Global 2000 organizations who desperately need to simplify, accelerate and improve control over the data being generated by these critical communications infrastructures.”

As we move into a new decade, companies must invest in an upgrade of their fundamental network infrastructure and allow AI to unlock revenue opportunities from the increased amount of real-time data that is being generated by all of the connected sensors and devices within a digitized data network. Growing inefficiency in data management is costing businesses, delaying decisions, and obstructing real time insights. 

We’ve reached a tipping point in data access where the effort involved in making data accessible is far exceeding the value we currently create with the data. Though we are heading into a digitalized world, the exponential growth and complexity of data is creating new inefficiencies and inhibiting the power and insight that data can provide. Current data infrastructure and management is costly and unable to support the size, complexity, speed, and urgency of future data. 

About Power Analytics Global
Power Analytics Global is a global next generation energy management company that specializes in asset lifecycle extension, intellectual property development, and real-time analytics and asset management for power and industries supported by power. The Company offers a global portfolio of end-to-end energy optimization and lifecycle management solutions developed from proprietary intellectual property, engineered systems, and operational expertise.  Power Analytics extensive suite of products include power asset life extension, operational servicing and automation, lifetime cost reduction, and real-time heterogeneous power source switching. Additional information regarding Power Analytics may be found on Power Analytics’ website at http://www.poweranalytics.com.

About Molecula
Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over big data infrastructure for Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Edge/IoT. Its unique ability to deliver highly-performant representations of large, disparate data sources eliminates the need to pre-aggregate or federate, thus reducing data delivery cycles and data gravity. Global 2000 organizations rely on Molecula to achieve a data-driven enterprise by accelerating decision-making, enabling real-time customer segmentation, and analyzing large, distributed datasets across any cloud, from core or edge. Molecula is based on Pilosa, an open-source project with 2,000+ users across many tier-one organizations.

Molecula has offices in Austin and Palo Alto and was founded in 2017 with a mission to unlock human potential through the power of data. Visit Molecula’s website at https://www.molecula.com.

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