Molecula Recognized In “Now Tech: Data Virtualization, Q2 2020” Report

By: Molecula  |  June 30, 2020


Molecula has been included among 15 data virtualization vendors in Forrester’s “Now Tech: Data Virtualization, Q2 2020” report written by analyst Noel Yuhanna with Gene Leganza and Daniel Weber. The report was published on June 29, 2020. 

Data virtualization solutions have become popular primarily as a means of simplifying data management. Businesses are demanding a unified interface which can leverage the underlying data infrastructure, manage access control, provide a consistent schema, and allow the users of advanced analytical capabilities to forget about where or how the data is stored. Unfortunately, due to architectural constraints, traditional data virtualization simply can’t deliver rapidly or securely enough for the increasing number of use cases with demanding analytical and performance requirements. Some of these modern use cases include decision support at the point of care, personalized customer journeys, predictive maintenance, faster, safer loan underwriting, and enhancing migration of data to the cloud.

Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over data for high performance advanced analytics, machine learning, and edge/IoT applications. Its unique ability to deconstruct big data into large scale, unified representations with no pre-aggregation, federation, or copies allows for ultra-low latency queries across distributed data, while significantly reducing hardware footprint, cost, and risk.
 Molecula empowers applications with instantaneous, secure, and unified access to large, fragmented data sets across any cloud to edge.

Some of the world’s most innovative enterprises and application providers across healthcare, financial services, government, and the technology/manufacturing sectors utilize Molecula to deliver advanced data driven analytics capabilities to their customers  by enabling dynamic customer segmentation, real-time anomaly detection, data and computationally intensive  machine learning, and enhanced data migration to the cloud. 

“We are elated to be included in Forrester’s ‘Now Tech: Data Virtualization, Q2 2020’ report. Molecula has created a truly game-changing technology that simplifies the ability to slice and dice across massive amounts of distributed data in even the most high performance, large scale applications,” says Mimi Spier, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Molecula. “We accelerate time from data to decision for end users with the ability to access real-time data and perform complex analytics at UX latencies with controlled costs, risk, and a reduced data footprint of up to 100x.” 

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The Forrester Now Tech: Data Virtualization, Q2 2020 (June 29, 2020) is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

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About Molecula: 

Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over big data infrastructure for advanced analytics, machine learning, and edge/IoT. Its unique ability to deliver highly performant representations of large, disparate data sources eliminates the need to pre-aggregate or federate, thus reducing data delivery cycles and data gravity. Global 2000 organizations rely on Molecula to achieve a data-driven enterprise by accelerating decision-making, enabling real-time customer segmentation, and analyzing large, distributed data sets across any cloud to edge. Molecula is based on Pilosa, an open-source project with 2,000+ users across many tier-one organizations.

Molecula has offices in Austin and Palo Alto and was founded in 2017 with a mission to unlock human potential through the power of data.

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