Molecula Joins the AI Infrastructure Alliance on Mission to Build Canonical Stack for AI/ML

By: Molecula  |  May 18, 2021


Our team at Molecula is honored to announce that we’ve joined the AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) as a member. The AI Infrastructure Alliance is a global organization of software, hardware, and services for the rapidly evolving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) community. AIIA brings together the tools data scientists and data engineers need to build a robust, scalable, end-to-end enterprise AI/ML platform.

To date, artificial intelligence and machine learning have not lived up to their expectations within enterprise organizations, due largely to enterprise dependence on legacy technologies and information-era infrastructures. As a massive proliferation of new tools have emerged, it has only added to the confusion.

Molecula will work with AIIA and its members to create clarity in the fast-developing AI landscape by establishing clean APIs, integration points, and open standards for how different components of a complete enterprise machine learning stack can and should interoperate.

As members of AIIA, we believe that a strong Canonical Stack of machine learning software will emerge from the competition, creating a rock solid foundation for future software to build on, allowing developers and researchers to move up the stack to solve bigger, more challenging and more rewarding problems. 

No single tool will be responsible for this evolution, but rather a number of key pieces will unify into a whole. We’re excited to join this alliance that fosters collaboration and interoperability between leading MLOps tools to allow this Canonical Stack to form more quickly and effectively.

Molecula’s high-performance feature extraction and storage solution allows enterprises to experience the power of real-time, unified data. We look forward to partnering with additional AIIA members to build out a robust end-to-end ML/AI platform.