Scale Your AI/ML Initiatives with F33 and Molecula

Businesses struggle with scaling their Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) initiatives – never realizing the full value of customer behavior data and machine data distributed across their organizations. Most AI/ML experiments are just that: experiments that never graduate from the lab. And as a result, never deliver business value. We are firm believers that unless you design your AI/ML system from the ground up to be deployable on a mass scale, it never will be.

Molecula‘s FeatureBase, which simplifies, accelerates, and controls big data for machine-scale analytics and AI, and Fourteen33 (, the boutique services firm specializing in operationalizing machine learning, have come together to offer a joint solution to optimize business operations using AI/ML. This joint solution empowers customers to cost effectively gain business insights from data that was previously too costly to query with the millisecond response times needed by real-time AI/ML systems.

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