Next-Generation Data Virtualization

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Data, as the cliché goes, is the new oil. However, data is only as valuable as it is accessible and usable. According to International Data Corporation (IDC’s) Digital Universe Study, less than 1% of the world’s potentially useful data is even analyzed.

In this paper we introduce a novel approach to data virtualization which is making strides to clear the log jam that has increasingly plagued data beneficiaries for years. Molecula’s Enterprise Data Virtualization (EDV) platform creates an entity-focused data representation that is optimized for analytical workloads. In contrast to federation or “push-down” approaches, Molecula’s EDV breaks through the latency floor for analytical queries, allows for higher concurrency than ever before possible, simplifies schema and infrastructure, and enables extremely granular access control.

The result is instantaneous, secure access to large, fragmented datasets from a unified layer.