Molecula seeks to simplify big-data infrastructure with an enterprise feature store

451 Research | By Paige Bartley

Today Molecula is proud to share that 451 Research, has published a report on our technology. 

451 Research, a global research and advisory firm that’s part of the S&P Global family, is in the business of vetting and assessing companies and technologies that are driving digital transformation across industries so businesses can choose the right vendor the first time. Their expertise lies in datacenter services, data and analytics, and IoT and infrastructure — the exact departments where Molecula’s value can be most appreciated. 

We’re especially excited that the 451 Research team appreciates what makes Molecula fundamentally different than anyone else out there — our zero-copy, zero-cache approach to data access. 

“Molecula’s flag in the mountain is its fresh take on data virtualization, which leverages the Pilosa project and the concept of virtual data sources (VDSs) to eliminate the need for data caching, data federation or data copies.” 

However, there’s more to Molecula more than our zero-copy approach. Our technology minimizes infrastructure costs and security risks while improving query speeds by a factor of 1000. Companies in the Global 2000 rely on Molecula to simplify, accelerate and control data — and they’re accomplishing what they never before thought possible.  

“As regulations concerning data grow more complex and numerous, and real-time use cases become more common, organizations will find themselves painted into a corner with analytics and insight workflows that require sprawling estates of data duplicates. These organizations will be looking to not only meet compliance requirements, but also accelerate performance. For them, Molecula’s promises of simplicity, acceleration and control will hold immense appeal.”

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