Molecula Enables Personalized Customer Service by Unlocking Telemetry Data

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A multinational technology company that set the standard for customer service and support in its industry wanted to develop a preventive maintenance program to detect, diagnose, and proactively fix faults in hardware and systems before customers experience any problems.

The aim of this use case was to leverage telemetry and systems health data from key infrastructure components and combine that with customer, order, technical support, CRM, and product data. The resulting data would power BI dashboards, an alerting system to predict failures, and customer service systems that assist with troubleshooting.

In addition to the core capabilities above, the customer wanted to be able to ask ad-hoc questions of the data such as, “How many devices in this device family are exposed to a bug in any geography AND what is my warranty cost exposure over the next quarter on those devices?” or “How many customers by geography will potentially be impacted by a particular support issue that was introduced by updating a particular firmware version on a given device?”

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