Increase ROI With Better Data Access – 5 Ways Your Applications Will Benefit

A successful application cannot exist without data—data that isn’t getting any smaller. In the four seconds it took you to read this sentence, approximately 124 trillion bytes of data were created and stored.

This white paper presents ideas and a new technology for accessing large distributed data in real -time to maximize ROI on technology investments. We will outline five core areas where data access can greatly impact the success of an application:

  1.  User experience (e.g. snappy UX, prescriptive real-time personalization)
  2. Performance (e.g. accelerating in-app insights)
  3. Scalability with increasing workloads
  4. Security to reduce risk and maintain user trust
  5. Cost effectiveness

Molecula’s FeatureBase approaches large analytical query processing from a technologically novel perspective. The key to FeatureBase’s performance is the unique data format which stores a representation of data as intersectional relationships in contrast to the traditional row-major or column-major approaches.

This value-major approach is a paradigm-shifting abstraction technique that reduces data sprawl and allows direct, analytical queries across massive datasets thus enabling true real-time analytics across distributed data and eliminating the need to make copies, pre-process, pre-join, or federate data before performing operations.

Learn how FeatureBase enables direct, real-time access to original data so applications can run queries and deliver results that are orders of magnitude faster with a reduced footprint and lower TCO.