Data Engineers: In a Complex Data Stack, Simplicity Matters

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Data Engineers: In a Complex Data Stack, Simplicity Matters

When: Feb. 9th 2021 | 1:00pm EST

Enterprises are speeding towards machine-scale analytics and AI, but current technologies cannot deliver, and demand highly complex stacks. The effort required to enable each of these projects (preparing, aggregating, copying, and moving data) far exceeds the value created.

Even taking a quick glance at one of the many machine-learning tooling landscapes can leave you completely disheartened. There is so much complexity, which means there is great risk for bottlenecks, slowed operations, and exponentially increased costs.

Join us on February 9th to learn more about Molecula’s technology, a simple cloud-agnostic, compute-ready data layer that is ready for high performance, high-concurrency, advanced analytics and AI, that will free you up to focus on the fun stuff (meta engineering, etc.) instead of building the same pipeline over and over and over…

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why current technologies will break when you attempt to scale with the volumes of data being collected today
  • How a feature store can provide a single access point to compute-ready data for all teams and projects
  • How a feature store is able to significantly reduce your data footprint, while simultaneously maintaining real-time data and millisecond query speeds
  • How to avoid creating new ML silos, and instead have an end-to-end approach from data readiness to model training and deployment