Breaking The Latency Floor Infographic

Latency, not unlike death and taxes, is a certainty of life that modern man has yet to avoid. Computer scientists and software engineers across industries and technologies devote countless resources to reducing latency—the time delay between an action and a response—in nearly every imaginable application.

This infographic explains the causes and challenges of latency and why many latency reduction strategies fall short. 

Molecula is a fundamental advancement in low-latency data queries because of the way the data is stored and processed. Many systems have solved the problem of scale, but Molecula lowers the latency floor to the point that completely new use cases are now possible— real-time analysis and data at the speed of thought. Read the infographic to understand how Molecula’s novel approach to data access breaks through the latency floor. 

Want to take a deeper dive? Learn the science behind our technology and how we shattered the latency floor. Download the full white paper.

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