Our Process

Molecula’s hiring team is committed to ensuring every candidate has a delightful experience. We strive for transparency, timely updates, and sharing in-depth knowledge about our tech, mission, and culture to help you decide if we’re the right next step for your career. 


Step 1: The process begins with your resume. If you’re applying through our website, we encourage cover letters to learn how our opportunities align with your experience and goals. 


Step 2: A member of the Molecula hiring team will conduct an introductory conversation to help you learn about the role and learn about your preferences. 


Step 3: Interviews are conducted differently by each department. Your Molecula recruiter will outline the interview stages for the role you have in mind. 


Step 4: Finalists will receive a Molecula offer! You’ll get to discuss your needs for compensation, sponsorship, start date, and manager alignment with your recruiter before reviewing a formal offer. 


We’re proud of our ability to complete our hiring process within an average timeframe of 2-3 weeks. No general interviews here- we’re clear about the role, team match, salary range, and process from start to finish!

Your Journey


Molecula’s technology is novel. We’re still discovering the use cases for our mind-blowing querying speeds and data ingests and outputs. We’re looking for candidates who have a perspective on innovation within data science, analytics, and AI Ops. Before you interview, spend time with our Product page to learn more about our integrations, case studies, and vision for real-time insights with a feature-first approach. 



There’s no right way to craft your resume, but keep in mind that humans read resumes at Molecula, not machines. Take time to tailor your resume to the role you’re pursuing and highlight the way you meet the qualifications for the role. We strive to respond to all applicants within 3 business days. 



Molecula teams interview with behavioral and hypothetical questions. Call to mind your most technically complex projects, proudest accomplishments, and even moments of struggle or failure. Practice in the “STAR” format, or “Situation, Task, Action, Result.” We want to understand how you would handle a conflict, prioritize across needs, or collaborate with others. We may ask about your perspective on our core tech, challenges our customers are looking to overcome, or new developments in data science and Big Data workflows. We’ve designed our interview process to avoid white boarding, memorization, or time-intensive prep work. We want to know about your real world experiences and how you would collaborate with us on our journey to deliver real-time insights to the market.

Joining Molecula

After accepting our offer, our People Ops team will connect with you to ensure you have everything you need for success as a “Nuleculan!” Our onboarding portal will equip you with enrollments through Zenefits (our HR platform provider), Molecula single sign-on (though Okta), and other provisioning for Day One.


What if I need accommodation(s) for the interview?

No problem! Just let your recruiter know. From there, you can confidentially discuss your accommodation options and we can work together to make sure your interviewing experience is top notch.

Can I apply for multiple roles?

You can although we request that you apply for roles that interest you and where you meet the minimum qualifications.

Does Molecula sponsor?

Chat with your recruiter. Molecula is pleased to offer sponsorship for most engineering positions.