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FeatureBase is a feature-oriented database platform that powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by simultaneously executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads.

Using FeatureBase—

FeatureBase serves as a single access point for your entire organization, making all of your data immediately accessible, actionable, and reusable.

Topic Stream Data Source Real-time Decisioning Application Analytics Model Training Feature Storage Store + Manage Features Monitoring and Observability Auth + User Management Feature Exploration (Python, SQL, Go) Feature Extraction Store + Manage Features Consume/Output Feature Extraction Feature Extraction TAP TAP

Extract Features

FeatureBase extracts features from raw data at the source — even if your data is in a multitude of data centers — and pulls those features into FeatureBase. Feature extraction can be executed server-side or client-side, while client-side extraction reduces the amount of data transferred. FeatureBase can ingest features through continuous updates (streaming) and batch, pulls from sources such as Kafka, and ingests data formats such as CSV and JSON.

Store + Manage Features

Features are stored in-memory in a high performance machine-native format. Users experience low-latency exploration of features and are able to manage users and infrastructure via the control plane. FeatureBase employs a purpose-built feature storage solution rather than cobbling together existing data-centric technologies.

Consume Features

Leverage our APIs—like HTTP, gRPC (Python), and Postgres Wire Protocol (SQL)— for end-user applications including real-time decisioning, analytical applications, and model training. Queries and transforms happen within this step in your model or code.

Product Overview

The FeatureBase Difference: Our Novel Data Format

Similar to the evolution of data formats from row-oriented to columnar, FeatureBase further evolves columnar into a feature-oriented format that makes each distinct data value individually addressable (accessible, readable, writable and retrievable). 

Our novel approach minimizes I/O on queries by allowing the database engine to read and write exactly the data it needs and intelligently compress that data in memory. The result is a step-function improvement in analytical workloads!


Handles Massive Scale Datasets

Our feature-oriented format enables highly efficient low-latency analytics at enormous scale. Many FeatureBase customers have >1 billion records with hundreds of thousands of updates per second. Customers can successfully segment string fields with cardinality greater than 1 million elements while maintaining high throughput.

Make Instant Decisions

Our low-latency format and collapsed data schema eliminate the need to create summarized views or rollup tables before you run your queries. No more preaggregating data or building OLAP cubes!

Make Decisions With the Freshest Data

FeatureBase transforms data into a novel format that pushes the boundaries of ingestion to new speeds while allowing for on-the-fly schema changes. Because data is written as each distinct value, heavy ingest volumes do not impact latency or concurrency.

Stop Throttling Your Resources

Reserve update-heavy, high-concurrency workloads for FeatureBase. Support large numbers of simultaneous consumers without sacrificing query speed or throughput.

Include Multiple Values for a Single Field

Set and time fields are our specialty. We support set fields with nearly unlimited values for a single record. Set fields referenced with time fields show the “what” and “when” to enable a rich representation of your data.

Do More with Fewer Resources

Due to its highly compact format, FeatureBase reduces storage requirements by 10x or more on average and results in reduced compute costs. And because FeatureBase serves as a single access point for all of your teams and use cases, it dramatically decreases the number of cold starts for any project.

Reduce Workarounds

By collapsing data schemas, FeatureBase eliminates time-consuming preaggregation and helps organizations operate on their freshest data to drive instant decisions. With FeatureBase, organizations are no longer forced to make costly tradeoffs between query speed and ingest volume for concurrent users.

Ideal Environment

FeatureBase is beneficial for organizations that need to access large quantities of real-time data events each day joined with many fragmented, terabyte-scale data sources. FeatureBase excels at complex analytical workloads where source data is fragmented across silos, and where a user or machine wants to apply a number of filters or criteria to a query. Companies with high-volume ingest and the need to access their freshest data will benefit most from FeatureBase.


FeatureBase ingests from a variety of streaming data sources, data warehouses, and change data capture (CDC) plugins. Our experienced Customer Success team is trained to bring these integrations, customized for your complex data environment, to production during the implementation period.


FeatureBase is cloud-based and deployable to fit your needs based on your unique consumption requirements. We will work closely with you from project kickoff to go-live to ensure your success. Contact us to learn more.

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