Who are the users of FeatureBase?

Anyone who has very large historical data sets or large volumes of streaming data, that are stored across multiple silos and geographies and is struggling to analyze and ask questions of it. FeatureBase is a fundamental advancement in low latency queries because of the way the data is stored and processed. Many systems have solved the problem of scale, but FeatureBase lowers the latency floor to the point that completely new use cases are now possible — real-time analysis and data at the speed of thought™. 

In addition, FeatureBase users are primarily software engineers, data engineers, and machine learning engineers who are tasked with delivering data access to people or applications that need to query, segment, analyze, and make decisions on data in real-time. Often these engineers live in either IT or directly in business units. IT commonly acts as an administrator of FeatureBase to enforce data access standards across the enterprise, where they can easily apply compliance best practices and other regulatory requirements to their feature store.

The benefactors of FeatureBase are typically data scientists, business analysts, or end user software and applications who need to process queries to make a particular business decision and do so with extremely low latency. Our customers include some of the largest, most advanced technology companies in the world and we have accelerated their hardest query times from days and hours down to fractions of a second.