How granular is the data access control I can exert for 3rd party applications and users?

Molecula’s capabilities around access control stem directly from its core data format. In short, all data is broken down by feature, and then by value, and each value is represented as a bitmap. This means that there is absolutely no performance overhead for granting access to particular features or even particular values within the data. Granting or denying access to a particular subset of records means applying a bit mask to each query which is the most basic internal operation and is extremely optimized.

Furthermore, Molecula allows users to do something fairly unique which is separating the access to a feature into a feature map (row and column “keys”) and features. That is, because the data is broken out by feature, it’s possible to share the records that each discrete feature has without sharing the data itself (or vice-versa). This is a form of anonymization that can happen completely automatically with no overhead because you’re just choosing not to expose certain parts of the data—it’s already stored separately.