Real-Time, AI-Ready Data at Scale—

Our feature extraction and storage platform provides the foundation for your real-time analytics and AI needs.

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Why Molecula—

An entirely new paradigm for continuous, real-time data analysis


Real-time Analytics, ML and AI Infrastructure

By continuously extracting features at the source, Molecula delivers real-time access to distributed data through one centralized, always up to date feature storage platform for all your projects


Reduce Time to AI by 60-90%

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Time From Data to Business Outcomes

By enabling millisecond performance, continuous analysis and real-time experiences with no pre- aggregation and minimal data delivery cycles.


Decrease time to business outcome by 90%

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Data Access, Compliance Risks, and Costs

By reducing data footprint up to 85%, sharing features and not data, and eliminating the need to move and copy raw data.


Reduce cost by 85%

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Why Everyone Loves Molecula—

Centralized feature storage platform across massive amounts of siloed data that is AI ready,
always up to date, and used for your most important real-time analytics, ML, and AI

For the Business—

  • Predict outcomes in real-time by leveraging 100% of distributed data
  • Delight users and drive adoption with ultra-low latency
  • Enable continuous analysis and machine learning with millisecond performance
  • Reduce security and privacy risks with anonymized-ready data
  • Reduce time and cost to get value from AI and machine learning
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For the data experts—

  • AI-Ready feature storage that continuously extracts and updates features in real-time
  • Centralized, ultra low latency access to all of your data
  • High concurrency queries for real-time analytics and ML
  • Performant Joins at query time, with no pre-aggregation or preprocessing
  • Lossless reduction in data footprint up to 85% without copying or moving data
  • Seamless integration as overlay into existing environments
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Advancing large scale, high performance applications into the Intelligence Era demands evolving from traditional techniques used to prepare data for analysis, to a unified platform that simplifies, accelerates, and controls data access.

Molecula can help you get there.

Our Community and Customers—

“Molecula provides the millisecond, real-time data access and query speeds we need to help us optimize internet traffic and bottlenecks for online gamers around the globe.”

— Don Brown, Head of Data at Subspace

“As the leader in bringing healthcare to clinical research, Elligo is leveraging the power of data to directly improve the execution of clinical trials. True data readiness creates the ability to instantly provide synthetic data, novel data access and streamlined analytics. Molecula accelerates our ability to provide those capabilities and insights to our customers, and this partnership begins to fundamentally change the way clinical trials are executed.”

— Michael Ibara, Vice President Data Science, Elligo

"We are very excited to leverage Molecula to speed up our data processing workflows and gain much deeper insights on our customers and product usage. Molecula helps us access the hardest and the largest datasets at extreme performance – in real-time – and in a way that seamlessly integrates into our existing big data environment.”

— Kevin Meagher, President of Power Analytics Corp

“Using Molecula to analyze activity across our 100M+ monthly login events in real time gives us an entirely new view of our data. Without Molecula in our data pipeline, working with this volume of data would be effectively impossible."

— Adam Blue, CTO, Q2eBanking