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Access big data at unprecedented speeds with no compromise

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of FeatureBase 2.0!

Since May of 2019, when we debuted our groundbreaking technology, we have validated the importance of helping enterprises simplify, accelerate, and control data access. Molecula is working with Global 2000 organizations to simplify big data infrastructure and exponentially accelerate queries starting at 1000x. While 1000x acceleration is an astonishing technical feat, it’s the business results that truly matter.

Today, Molecula’s unique ability to deliver highly-performance representations of large, disparate data sources eliminates the need to pre-aggregate or federate, reducing data-delivery cycles and data gravity. Customers and Partners like Q2 and Power Analytics rely on Molecula’s FeatureBase to help achieve a data-driven enterprise by accelerating decision making and analyzing large, distributed data sets across any cloud, core and edge. 

“We are very excited to leverage Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform to speed up our data processing workflows and gain much deeper insights on our customers and product usage. Molecula helps us access the hardest and the largest datasets at extreme performance – in real-time – and in a way that seamlessly integrates into our existing big data environment.”     

Kevin Meagher, President | Power Analytics

Needless to say, the market response to Molecula’s FeatureBase has been inspiring. We’re fully committed to relentlessly improving the platform’s usability and performance, and we’re exceedingly grateful for all the thoughtful and creative contributions from Pilosa, our open-source community, and our customers who have helped guide our work. 

If you are new to Molecula, here’s a good breakdown of the solution our customers have been using for the past year: 
MOLECULA Solution Brief v1 1

What’s New in Molecula FeatureBase 2.0
FeatureBase 2.0 is not just a version update. It’s a quantum leap over prior versions. This was only possible because of our continued focus on three core areas of customer need: simplifying big data infrastructure, accelerating time from data to decisions, and enhancing the enterprise-native experience. 

Starting today, customers now have access to the following capabilities. 

Simplifying Big Data Infrastructure with No Compromise
The data access landscape today is far too complex and noisy and the effort involved in making data accessible is far exceeding the value we create with the data. We are determined to radically simplify the way enterprises access big data, and that theme is a constant throughout our business. 

In FeatureBase 2.0 we’ve further simplified accessing and sharing Molecula feature tables:

  • Feature Table Portability: Molecula’s FeatureBase platform enables users to move or export feature tables to alternate locations, whether that is another data center, a different cloud, or into cold storage. Our customers have expressed the desire to take advantage of elastic compute for use cases like advanced analytics, BI or machine-learning statistics, that are not ideal for they don’t have access to on-prem environments. The ability to move and persist feature tables up to 100x smaller than the original data footprint to any cloud (private, public or managed), instead of moving the raw datasets, reduces infrastructure and data movement up to costs by at least 10x.

Accelerating Time from Data to Decisions
As we’ve worked with our customers to identify more opportunities to optimize their data-delivery environments, they have consistently shared that pre-aggregation and pre-processing techniques used to integrate datasets from disparate systems can take 4-6 weeks to provision. 
This results in long-running queries – from minutes to hours to days, in some cases. Delivering the analytical data lakes, cubes, and data marts needed to serve a single analytical or machine-learning use case can cost upwards of $2M – $3M in production infrastructure. 

Now, FeatureBase users who have virtualized their data can eliminate arduous, expensive and slow integration processes by taking advantage of the platform’s ability to join across disparate datasets and formats at query time. The result is simpler, accelerated, and more secure data access.

With FeatureBase 2.0 enterprises can execute:

  • Low Latency JOINs: Joining data across feature tables that represent disparate datasets from multiple underlying source systems. These low latency JOINs query feature table representations of massive datasets eliminating the need to pre-aggregate, federate, copy, cache, or move the original data. For consumption of data, the end users still interact with their preferred tooling, but instead of waiting days or weeks for new data to be delivered in a cube or mart, they are able to query across the data they have access to in an ad hoc fashion in real-time.

Enterprise-Native Experience
Our team works relentlessly to make FeatureBase feel like, and integrate with, existing enterprise tools, while enabling the ability to take advantage of novel, high performance approaches under the hood. 

FeatureBase 2.0 brings Enterprises:

  • Analytical SQL Support: Introducing support for the most commonly used analytical SQL queries such as (but not limited to) aggregations with group by; function on integers; having with group by and aggregate functions; inner joins. The 2.0 Release includes a SQL interface based on the PostgreSQL wire protocol for seamless connectivity.
  • Plugins: We have gone to great lengths to build out an extension framework for Molecula to allow seamless integration the most commonly used source systems, formats, and end-user tooling including but not limited to: Kafka, Kafka Connect, S3, MySQL, SQLServer, Teradata, Oracle DB, Cassandra, Spark, Parquet, Snowflake GoldenGate, Tableau, PowerBI, Jupyter, Pandas, Rapids.ai, and more.

What this Means for Customers 
This new version of the FeatureBase platform enables our customers to get even more from their big data at higher speeds than ever before. Our company’s mission is to unlock human potential through the power of data, and FeatureBase 2.0 delivers on that promise. 

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