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Our blog series, Meeting Molecula, highlights the incredible engineers who build our innovative products here at Molecula. Want to join the team? Check out our open positions here!Meeting Molecula: An interview with Software Engineer Souhaila Noor

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Souhaila Noor, and I’m a software engineer! I started my career in medical devices; I’ve worked in x-rays and ultrasounds, so I was looking to explore a different field, especially as a junior engineer, to have more exposure. I came across Molecula on LinkedIn, and the FeatureBase database and how it works in the background seemed like an exciting concept. I’ve worked here for about six months now.


What do you do at Molecula? What does your team do?

There are two engineering teams at Molecula. There’s a SaaS team (which we call the Cloud team), and I’m in the Core team, which is in charge of FeatureBase – the database side of things. We handle building new features, making the database more reliable, which is part of our mission, and we also handle support requests from existing customers.


What’s a common misconception about you or your role?

Before joining the team, I had a misconception that you need to be a database guru to work for a database company. You don’t need to have a lot of database knowledge; you just have to be willing to learn and adapt and be more curious and engaged as you work. The engineering principles apply regardless of the product.

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Why Molecula over another company?

I would say the people! It’s something I was looking for when I was interviewing – how happy I’m going to be in a job depends on how good of a fit it is with the people at the company. We have a fantastic team, and everyone is super welcoming and helpful, which is excellent, especially initially when you don’t know much about the product. It’s a challenging and unique product, so it’s exciting day-to-day the engineering questions you have to answer and the problems you get to solve.


What does Molecula’s mission mean to you?

Our mission is to deliver a reliable and easily adoptable, feature-oriented database service in multiple clouds. To me, that means how do I approach the work day-to-day? Reliability is built from the ground up. It’s making sure that every time you push code, it’s been tested, and you can trust it. It’s making sure that you have tests that will catch everything else that, as humans, we’re going to forget. One example is the connections between different parts of the code and ensuring that your test cases can cover the majority of the use case for the products.


What do you think is the most exciting thing about FeatureBase technology?

How fast it is! I would have thought that it would have been done sooner. It’s surprising that there aren’t more companies out there doing the same thing we do. To me, it’s having to do a mindset shift on what’s good performance and thinking about it in terms of millions of records per second, compared to other databases, which tend to be slower. Realizing how much faster and how much better our product makes analytics is very impactful.

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What’s a fun fact about you? What’s something about you we can’t Google?

I don’t know if you can google this or not, but as you can see from my background, I really like nature! Specifically, I enjoy visiting national parks – I’ve been to 8 so far and counting. That’s one thing I get excited about outside of work, trying a challenging hike and seeing how much I can do.


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