Happy Holidays, the Super Evolution has Begun


“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

­ – Arthur C. Clarke

This has been a defining year on a global scale. More than anything  2020 has validated and exposed the need for rapid innovation (a super evolution) and our partnership with machines. Often in our world, when rapid innovation is called for, it has been exclusive to one or a few industries. That has not been the case this year. Every industry has had to find new ways to function in order to stay afloat and to keep our world moving forward.

One of the most glaring challenges we are facing today is the exclusivity of compute-ready data and the related AI imbalance it creates. Legacy technologies do not have the agility needed to compete with the handful of leaders in this data driven economy, much less react to unforeseen events. This is especially true when it comes to handling the massive volumes of data that are being produced every millisecond. Organizations in some of our most important industries — healthcare, life sciences, the public sector, to name a few — are relegated to a choice between sticking to those legacy technologies and approaches that inhibit their ability to innovate, or spending fortunes on change management and modern technology stacks, risking almost guaranteed failure if their cultures can not shift to a modern approach to data driven decision making. 

Why should the Facebooks, Googles, and Amazons — the tech titans — be able to create immense value from every minute detail about your life and your behavior, while your hospital has trouble passing your most vital health history between practice groups to drive better outcomes? 

All of these observations about our world and the exclusivity of machine-scale data have invigorated the team at Molecula more than ever. We’ve spent this year working our tails off to create the first out-of-the-box enterprise feature store — that leverages a new feature-first data format and automates the process of making distributed data AI ready. The result: an overlay technology that democratizes real-time data and empowers integral industries to create as much value with their data as the tech titans do, but with much more ease/simplicity and at a fraction of the cost.

The feature store market, while in its early days, has already emerged as one of the fastest growing and potentially most disruptive areas of technology. This is particularly exciting as we’ve been planning for this moment for years (and then some). We are now in a strong position to define what a feature store will be. Our inclusion in analyst reports from Forrester (twice!), Ventana, and Gartner, among others, throughout the year further validates our position that the future is not about data, it is about data readiness.

While 2020 has been a difficult year for many, it has brought innovation and opportunity that will last a lifetime. We look forward to helping unlock our vast human potential with a paradigm-breaking approach to computable data that will  transform entire industries, bringing the tangible impact of AI to our families, our jobs and to the world.

I would be unable to close my thoughts on this year without admitting my unbridled excitement about the super evolutionary progress we have made as a society around our vaccines and therapeutics, through the best of science and technology. This previously unfathomable progress is as a direct result of superheroes who have turned the impossible into reality by employing their skills, collaborating with one another through data, pushing our supply chains to the brink, and at times, even sacrificing their lives, to help our nation and our world advance beyond this pandemic — we thank you wholeheartedly. In the coming year(s), we believe that Molecula’s feature store and our deepening partnership with the machines, will be the “spider bite” that uncovers these superheroes in every organization and industry, and throttles our world to new, great heights. 

The future is bright,