FeatureBase 4.5 Release


October 20, 2021 – We’re excited to announce the release of FeatureBase 4.5! 

FeatureBase 4.5, improves user experience, making it easier to pull analytics out of FeatureBase. We’ve worked closely with our customers to develop both custom and open-standard capabilities. Keep reading below for more details!

Release 4.5 Highlights 

New Integrations

  • A Postgres 13 JDBC driver interface for Looker Cloud to extract features for analytics

Product Enhancements

  • Improved SQL capabilities
  • FeatureBase JDBC Driver 1.0 is available for download 
  • ARM64 support to allow optionality in hardware selection for customers wanting to reduce infrastructure costs

Easier Analytics Out

Getting data into FeatureBase is only half the story. With this release, we made it even easier for customers to get analytical results out of FeatureBase. 

SQL Capabilities:

FeatureBase now includes a bespoke SQL engine that we will continue expanding — SQL is a massive language, after all! — to enable customers to connect FeatureBase to BI and visualization tools.

Connecting to Looker and Other Client Tools

We are now able to connect to Looker Cloud via a Postgres 13 compliant interface. This work allows us to more easily integrate with additional BI tools.

Looker Dashboard

Figure 1. FeatureBase now integrates with Looker Cloud via Postgres 13 JDBC


FeatureBase JDBC Driver

We often receive customer requests for a more native experience pulling data from FeatureBase into a Java environment. For Java programs, that typically means having a JDBC driver to connect to the database. With FeatureBase 4.5, our dedicated FeatureBase JDBC driver that supports both PQL and SQL queries is now included.


Reducing Expenditures with ARM64 Support

ARM processors have long been powering our cellphones and are now starting to take over the PC and data centers. They are more power efficient and noticeably cheaper than equivalent Intel or AMD processors.  For example, Graviton instances in AWS can be up to 40% cheaper than similar Intel-based instances. In order to help reduce infrastructure costs, we’re now supporting and releasing binaries for FeatureBase on ARM64 architectures.

We are always striving to make our product as seamless and frictionless as possible. With the release of 4.5, we have rolled out capabilities that allow for easier extraction of analytics, improved SQL compatibility, and cost-efficient ARM64 support. 

We’re excited to see how our customers take advantage of the added functionality that 4.5 brings! As always, we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback.

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