Definition Behind Molecula


So why is the company called Molecula?

It was always intended that Pilosa, the open source product, would sit under a broader brand like Kafka sits under Confluent. It was important that the name be easy to pronounce in English and other languages, be free of established meanings and brand associations, be trademarkable, have the .com and Twitter handle available, and most importantly, have a relatable story. Molecula turned out to be just that name. Molecula is the Spanish form of molecule and meets all of the above criteria.

The definition of a molecule is also very relevant to the breakthrough invention that is Pilosa, so it was a perfect fit from a story standpoint. A molecule is the smallest particle of a substance that retains the chemical and physical properties of the substance. Likewise, Pilosa is the smallest fundamental representation of data that retains the computational properties of the original (human-created) values, but with many orders of magnitude less volume and exponentially faster analyzability (by a machine), regardless of the location or storage system of the source data. This makes Molecula highly secure and portable, allowing decisions to happen where they need to happen whether those are local, remote, or on the edge without the burden of moving or compromising the source. Similarly, a molecule of any given substance is the same whether it is being viewed at the atomic level or as part of a physical object we interact with every day.


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