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AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA)

The AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) is an organization bringing together the industry-leading tools that data scientists and data engineers use to build robust, scalable, end-to-end, enterprise artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) platforms.


Enterprise organizations are challenged with stitching together dozens of different tools to create a complete AI/ML platform, so the AI Infrastructure Alliance and its members are working to bring clarity to the quickly developing field by highlighting the strongest platforms and establishing clean APIs, integration points, and open standards for how different components of a complete enterprise machine learning stack can and should interoperate. That empowers organizations to make better decisions about the tools they’ll deploy in the AI/ML application stacks of today and tomorrow.


The AI Infrastructure Alliance is focused on helping organizations in the following areas:

  • Community – Build bridges to communities wherever the conversation is happening. Trusted Journalism Advisor – Be a trusted advisor to journalists everywhere covering AI/ML.

  • Micro-Alliances – Build interoperability between smaller groups of partners in the Alliance. Reference Architectures – Define and frame the key components of the AI/ML canonical stack.

  • Technical Projects – Host projects that promote interoperability and reusability between stack layers in AI/ML.

  • Events – Create and host events that showcase the members and their platforms.

  • Education – Build certifications and educational materials for members and/or promote the individual certifications of Members.

  • AI Ethics – Define a practical AI ethics framework the members can adopt as a best practice by Members.

A current list of AIIA members can be found here.


At Molecula

Molecula is a proud partner of the AI Infrastructure Alliance and believes cooperative industry initiatives such as the AIIA are vitally important for setting standards, establishing best practices, and improving communication and outcomes. There is a Wild West aspect to the AI/ML industry today that can create confusion and inefficiencies, and Molecula looks forward to playing a part in responsibly developing one of the most exciting, world-changing industries as it matures.


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